Capable of serving your needs

KWM Wealth Advisory is dedicated to addressing your financial objectives through a comprehensive process, founded on the notion of exceptional performance and service, and honed over 35 years of experience.

KWM balances the personalized service of a boutique company with the large corporate resources of a major financial services powerhouse –Stifel Independent Advisors.

Empowering you by developing a wealth management program, tailored to pursue your objectives.

A fourfold approach to build your investment plan, which begins with understanding you.

KWM provides an effective system for potentially building and preserving your assets in the context of investment planning, tax planning efficiency, estate planning strategies, retirement planning, and risk management.

Despite market volatility and economic uncertainty, clients can pursue their financial goals and enjoy a “Life Well Lived.”

For over 35 years, we have been helping our clients pursue a life well lived. As you seek a trusted source for your financial guidance, we invite you to consider our “2nd Opinion” program for a complete, unbiased review of your financial program.

Many people find that having an independent advisor can provide financial confidence — by clarifying economic complexity, navigating through turbulent markets, and providing a buffer between them and the market.

Discover how KWM Wealth Advisory’s extraordinarily personalized approach to investment planning and management can help you on the road to a Life Well Lived.