Planning for your healthcare after retirement is an important consideration that many people overlook. Healthcare and long-term care expenses have the potential to quickly devour your retirement savings if not properly accounted for in your investment plan.

According to a recent study, healthcare is one of the largest expenses faced by retirees. In fact, it’s estimated that the average couple will need $295,000 in today’s dollars to cover medical and long-term care expenses in retirement [1]. Once you reach retirement, it’s important to ensure you have the right healthcare in place for this unique life stage.

We help you evaluate medical and long-term care policies to identify insurance solutions that address your needs and account for any gaps in coverage. KWM Wealth Advisory also helps you evaluate your Medicare options and determine whether a supplemental plan makes sense based on your specific situation and other retirement income goals. Your KWM financial advisors will help you with savings and investing strategies, such as making tax-advantaged contributions to your healthcare savings account (HSA) and determining the optimal retirement age to maximize your retirement income and Social Security benefits.


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Many people find that having an independent advisor can provide financial confidence — by clarifying economic complexity, navigating through turbulent markets, and providing a buffer between them and the market.

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